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Your “Just in Case” Checklist, Part 2

Emergency preparedness can be scary, which is why many of us chose to ignore doing it or even thinking about it. However, a proactive approach is empowering, and if we never use it, is still worth the peace of mind in knowing it is done. We challenge you to not just think about it, but follow an action plan to get things together ‘just in case’ you have an emergency that may result in death.

We don’t like to think about our mortality, so instead we ask you to think about your family and friends who will be handling any arrangements in order for them to manage them the way you would want without additional distress. We broke the checklist into smaller components to be addressed in a clear state of mind. If you need help with this checklist or pre-planning in general, contact us to schedule a free appointment with our Family Care Providers.

The information contained within this article is for educational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. Consult your lawyer, pre-planning specialist or financial advisor for your next steps.

We have broken the process down into a 8 week action plan which includes:

Creating an Emergency Contact List

Preparing your most important Emergency Documents

Documents for your loved ones

Your Annual Review Documents

Electronic Devices

Online Passwords


End of Life Wishes

Let’s pick up with month two of the Checklist, but if you missed month one, check out “Your ‘Just in Case’ Checklist, Part 1”.

Week 5 – Preparing your ‘Just in Case’ Checklist: Electronic Devices Passwords

Create a master document with all your passwords. It is suggested to have it digitally as well as tangible, in the case of destruction of one or the other. Include on the list any passwords for locked devices such as:

Cell Phone





Home Security System


Electronic Safe

Remember any of these items at your place of work as well

Any new technology not listed above

Week 6 – Preparing your ‘Just in Case’ Checklist: Online Passwords

We live in a digital world where passwords are required for nearly everything online. These passwords are important for access to the sites, but also to allow online sites and services to be changed or closed to prevent cyber attacks. Create a document or use a password manager and give that information to a trusted person in case of an emergency. Include login information for both home and work applications of:


Cloud Storage

Voice Mail

Online Banking

Online Gaming

Online Music

Online Shopping

Social Media Accounts

Website Hosting

Online Services

Online Medical Sites used

Online Memberships

Any other site that may require a password to be altered or closed.

Week 7 – Preparing your ‘Just in Case’ Checklist: Inventory

Emergency preparedness includes many plans that include taking inventory. This can be an ongoing process. Do what you feel is most important for your situation, but some inventory recommendations include keeping a list of:

What’s in your safe-deposit box

Special Collections (ie. Coin collection, Antiques, Guns)


Items to be given to others in your Will

Hobby items

Keep your inventory lists apart from the items they include. These can be important for insurance reasons in case of an emergency.

Week 8 – Preparing your ‘Just in Case’ Checklist: End of Life Wishes

Prepare items that will communicate your end of life wishes including your desires regarding:

Burial and Cremation

Organ Donation

Funeral Preferences

Obituary information

Fairmount has been serving Denver families with their end of live needs since 1890. You have nothing to lose when meeting with our Family Care Providers to begin your pre-planning process wherever you are in your life. Our Family Care Providers will meet with you in your home or in our private offices that look and feel like a living room. We want you to feel comfortable and cared for. Give us a call today at 303-399-0692.